R.I.P "Zoey"


"Oscelly Diamond"

                                    30-6-1995 -  5-5-1998

s: Aust CH. Tepavili Daante             d: Murraleah Quinnella


  Zoey came to me from Glenice & Cameron Miller of Oscelly Rottweilers, she was a beautiful bitch whom I didn't start showing until she was 2years old. She had several CC's & RUBOB's when her life was tragically cut short due to an illness that took her life 11 hrs after she fell ill. She was my best friend & losing her so young left me shattered. Zoey was a medium sized bitch with a beautiful temperament, black eyes, black mouth with complete dentition, beautiful movement with a very strong topline, with excellent angles.



Have you ever had a special friend, that meant the world to you, one you loved so very much, and miss her like I do. Have you ever had a broken heart, or ever felt the pain, or ever shed so many tears, that came like falling rain. If you've never had that feeling, I pray you never do, for when my Zoey quietly left me, My heart just broke in two. If only I could hold her, and touch her lovely face, For she was my Zoey and can never be replaced.

Zoey got her wings on the 5th May 1998.


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Joanne Swanson
North West Country Victoria, VIC, Australia
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