My Photography





   I am an avid animal Photographer, it's my passion & most of my web-site photo's have been taken by me. I have also been lucky enough to have won awards for my photography.

My photo's can be found on spare tyre wheel covers, as large canvases on their owners walls, spray painted on the back of dog floats, on the front cover of the NSW gazette breed feature special July 2014, on the banner of the Sydney dog lovers show stand, in calendars, in kennel advertisement ads published in Rottweiler magazines all over the world, drawn into portraits by some of the leading dog portrait artists in the country and now my photo's can also be found tattooed on their owners.

If you would like a photo session with your much loved furry friend I can be contacted on 0401206680 or [email protected] ring or email for a quote, if you want photo's done for your web-site I can do that as well, all on memory stick for you to do as you please. I photograph Dogs, Mutts, Cats, Horses actually I photograph all animals, if you have a favorite flower in your garden I will even photograph that.

Please be mindful that all the images on this sight belong to me & it is illegal for you to take them. Thank-you..


Contact Details

Joanne Swanson
North West Country Victoria, VIC, Australia
Phone : 0401206680
Email : [email protected]