R.I.P "Paris"





Kerusgal Der Ende

1-3-2001  30-10-2010.



       Sire-Kerusgal Macho Man    Dam- Kerusgal Coco Chanel.



Paris came to me from Gail Peters (Terry) as pick bitch out of the last litter Kerusgal would ever breed, hence her show name Der Ende which means the end in German. She was a quiet puppy that never misbehaved, little Miss perfect and that's the way she stayed "Perfect".

Everybody loved Paris as she was a people dog, she loved people and she was very gentle so she used to visit the Retirement Village as a Therapy dog. The only vice Paris had was FOOD, she would do anything for it, At a dog show once in Kerang the rings were set up on the members enclosure which left little room for much, A little boy was coming toward us with an ice cream in a cone whilst we were heading towards our ring, we passed each other and when this child got past he realised that he had no ice cream on his cone, Paris had taken it without even breaking stride, Oh how she loved her food!

We once went to an agility course where there was a huge A-Frame, most dogs had alot of difficulty trying to scale it, Paris had no interest in it as it was very steep but once the instructor climbed up the other side waving a sausage around up the top she became a Pro climber! She scaled it with ease.

Paris was a very loyal dog & she was alot of fun for my son Kasey who used to take her to Obedience, but when she heard me from the other side of the oval instructing my class she would take off and come to me  with Kasey dragging behind her on his belly the whole way.

At our Obedience break up we had fun games & races with our dogs & in one round it was my two Rotties "Paris & Hercules" the last two standing that had to run off against each other in the Goodo on a spoon race, well I knew that Paris would lose this race because there was that much food dropped on the track from previous races & I was right, Hercules and myself breezed it in as Paris was to busy cleaning up all the food that she didn't even get to half way.

From very limited showing Paris had numerous CC's, Res CC's and a best Open in Group. But where she really shone was as Rumour & Detroit's mentor. Both these babies adored Paris and she adored them back.  Rumour thought Paris was her mother not her Grandmother, they bonded very close to each other and when Detroit arrived 4 months later he too adored the old girl who did a marvellous job to put up with these two live wires because by now she was an 8yo.

Paris was a medium to large bitch with very dark eyes, a pretty female head, excellent angulation, strong topline, effortless movement, dark mouth and an outstanding temperament.

At 9 yrs & 7 months old Paris quietly left this life after a short battle with Lymphoma.



I will forever be grateful that Paris was the start to my breeding program, she has influenced outstanding temperaments & health in the Darkcide dogs through the generations.


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