Darkcide Summer of Sixty Nine



Born in our "Summer theme litter" baby Burrito was born with a hair lip which meant he couldn't suckle from Layla so I decided to put the effort in to try and save his life, fed via bottle every 2 hrs on learburg formula, he was dehydrated at a week old so I administered sub cut fluids for the next 10 days, I added Royal Canin baby dog milk formula at 2 weeks old and then introduced solids at 4 weeks old, when I decided to save him I also decided that at 8 weeks old I would place him in a wonderful home, that went out the window, the bond is so strong and I adore him so he stayed.

Burrito was 400 grams born, he was left with his litter to snuggle and keep warm, at the start he tried to suckle but he couldn't, it didn't take him long to realise that he got special milk if he crawled up to his mums head to which I would pick him up and give him a bottle, at a week old I removed him from the litter (only when I went for a sleep) and put him in a box with a hot water bottle and Mr Crocodile. Burrito hit the milestones like a normal puppy, he was the second puppy in the litter to open his eyes. 

Burrito is a Magnificent puppy on type, he has a beautiful strong powerful clean head, very strong muzzle, excellent zygomatic arch, dark almond eyes, dark mouth pigment, excellent ear shape & set, excellent topline & underline, excellent angles, tight feet, VG pasterns & hocks, deep Mahogany markings & VG movement. He can't be shown due to his lip so we are at Dog Obedience hoping to campaign him in working disciplines. 

Burrito comes to the shows with his 1/2 sister "Summer" his full sister "Xanadu" and his cousin "Star", he is their cheersquad.  


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North West Country Victoria, VIC, Australia
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