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Dogs Victoria is the controlling body for the purebred dog in Victoria, each state has a controlling body ie- Dogs NSW, Dogs WA, Dogs QLD, Dogs SA etc, Dogs Victoria issue our pedigrees on every puppy we breed. There isn't any other Dog organisation in Australia that can issue legitamate pedigrees on puppies for competing at Dogs Victoria events. 



The RCV is our state breed club who issue rules in place for our breeding dogs they also put on Specialty shows where they bring in Rottweiler Specialist judges from all over the world & Australian Judges to judge our dogs over 2 or 3 days, all critiqued individually over a microphone faults & assets for all to hear, you learn alot about a Rottweiler on type and conformation when you watch these Specialists pull your dog apart, a V rating & a ribbon is very much appreciated when it comes from these knowlegable judges.

If you are a member of the RCV you also have to follow their strict breeding rules, we have a hip cut off number of 20 so if we have a dog here with a score over 20 we can't breed with the dog, a combined score of 20 maximum also for a male & female we intend to breed together, the closer to 0 on hips the better. If a breeder isn't a member of a state breed club then they can breed dogs with hip scores over 20. If any of our dogs have missing teeth they cannot be bred with, if they have entropian, ectropian, cataracts etc they cannot be bred with, as a member of our state breed club we are trying to preserve the breed as we breed to the German standard, In Germany if a sire produces a puppy with a hereditary defect then the dog is crossed off the stud book and not allowed to be bred with again  ( RCV- Rottweiler club of Victoria, RCNSW - Rottweiler club of New South Wales, NDRC -Northern Districts Rottweiler club, RCQ- Rottweiler club of Queensland, RCSA- Rottweiler club of South Australia, RCT- Rottweiler club of Tasmania) 



There shouldn't be any difference, the Rottweiler is a Utility breed so it should be able to do any discipline that you want to do BUT if you want to show and be successful then you want a dog that has the conformation & breed type required, if you want to work your Rottweiler then you will need a dog with a confident and biddable temperament with good conformation but the look of the dog isn't important in this field. If you want to do Agility with your Rottweiler than you would need a more athletic build over a very substantial build. If you were planning to herd your Rottweiler than you want one with a working drive but not one with a high prey drive. There are many disciplines that you can choose to do with your Rottweiler other than the few already mentioned you can also do Weight pulling, Obedience, Endurance & Tracking, Dogs Victoria put on shows & trials for all the above mentioned disciplines throughout the year.



Yes they are, the Rottweiler is in the top 10 of all breeds when it comes to intelligence.



It's a title that you get if you show your dog in the All breeds ring (a show where every breed of dog can show), if you get the best male or female Rottweiler you get points, if you get the best overall Rottweiler you get more points, once you get 100 points you will get an Australian Champion title on your dog.


It's a National Rottweiler Club of Australia title (Rottweiler only show) that you get once your dog has recieved at least 10 v ratings at Specialty shows (on conformation & breed type), also a Breed Survey pass which consists of your dog getting fully critiqued, eye colour checked on a chart, dentition checked, dog measured in height, body length, girth circumfrence, skull width, muzzle length & depth of body. There is a character & temperament assessment where the dog is tested on self assurance, temperament, manageability, degree of excitability, fearlessness, alertness, mistrust & protective drive, the dog is also tested on their reaction to gun shots & crowds. If the dog fails on any of the above then you can't get the title, if the dog passes you get the NRC(A) title that is presented at the next National, if you get the title you have done extremely well.



Main register pedigree papers are blue, these papers allow you to breed, show, work your dog (some breeders will allow you to have a blue pedigree but will restrict you from breeding or exporting the dog if this is the case it will be printed across the front of the pedigree) Limited registration pedigrees are Orange which indicates you can't breed or show the dog but you can work the dog in Dogs Vic disciplines.



A breeder can choose whatever price they want to put on their puppies,  many different reasons can up the price like imported semen, frozen inseminations, health testing costs on both future parents, the cost of raising a litter is expensive, vaccinations, microchips, pedigree papers etc but a dearer puppy doesn't mean it's better than a cheaper puppy, it all comes down to each breeder and what type of Rottweiler they produce. (Be mindful that there are many "carsalesman" type breeders out there who talk the talk and hike their pups up to ridiculous prices, buyer beware)



Generally not before 2yo, Rottweilers are a large breed that develop slowly but grow to height pretty quick, males need testosterone and females need hormones to support their bodies during growth stages, you remove testosterone and hormones during these vital development stages then you have greatly weakened the dogs bone and ligament structure which can cause irreversable damage.














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